My Passion for BoOkS

I have been a BIG fan of FAIRY TALES all my life! 🙂 When I was a little girl I would love to read them. I would sit for hours n hours n pour through the details of so many “HAPPILY EVER AFTERS” ! 😉

I am not a book worm but a voracious reader. I read & try to learn a lot! 🙂 I have read soo many novels and tHe favorite ones include: If tomorrow comes, Rage of angels, Digital Fortress, Angels and demons, The Alchemist, Gone with the wind and Harry Potter.

If there was one thing that I’d love to do while traveling, it was reading books! After music & dance, it’s books that I enjoy THE most. I almost love all kinds ~ Mystery, Romance, Historical, Fiction, Thrillers… You name it, I read it! 🙂 However the number of books that I am reading now has come down. Hope I don’t lose the passion ! 😐

Books am planning to read next: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee !


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