I want mOre rAiNs !

I want ~ Idi, Minnal, Kaathu, Man Vaasanai & Mazhai ! Yes, Veyil has been unbearable for the past few days here with the temperature crossing 90 degree Fahrenheit ! 😐 ThIs weeK oN & ofF it’s just been tryIng 2 rAiN… And 2day, I fiNd tHe skIes grAy & wiNds uP…  R D showers on theIr way !!??!!?? 😉

How nice iT would be if iT rains nOw… 🙂 Hmmm, listening to tHe rAiN & tHuNdEr, I would be humming the lines…

” thanDhaanae thanDhaanae kaatrum mazhaiyum thanDhaanae yellorum vaazhaththAAne…

mazhaithThuli manNil vandhu sindha sinDha ezhugiraDhae oru vaasam…

adhu enai vaaNaVillil konDu serthu viDugiRadhae sila neram… “ 🙂


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