I am loOking forward tO….

~ Visit Lake Placid and Lake George while vacationing in the Adirondacks, NY

~ Talking in “Tamizh” with the neighbours here 😉

~ Watching the Inception movie tonight, again!

~ A week without any signs of boredom…

~ Getting my hands mehndi’ed… 🙂

~ The 15th of October – 6.00 PM

~ Chit-chats with Amma, Appa and Paati

~ Travelling by the Chennai autos and Delhi metros sometime this November

~ Meeting up with those 4 chweeeet friends who bring my hometown closer to me

~ Shopping at Connaught Place / Tilak Nagar / T Nagar / Pondy Bazaar / …

~ Temple visits in & around Chennai

~ Keerai mashiyal / Vethakozhambu / Appalam / Thayir saadham / Molagai Veththal on the very same day 🙂

~ Amma’s special filter coffee 😛

~ Paati’s Jeera Kashayam

~ Enjoying my favorite songs in my PC, alone,  in my room

~ Thalai Deepavali celebrations @ moiii home ! 🙂

~ Meeting cousins and relatives

~ Whining with sOmebOdy : IN person

~ Whining to sOmebOdy : IN person

~ 8-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep

~ My farewell goodbyes


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