Learning to cook, long-distance !

Yes, I’m a grown up and I still love my mom !

The first thing I do after DH leaves to office in the morning is call her and tell her what is in stock in the kitchen and what is not… discuss what I had cooked s’day and ask what I should do 2day…. In short, it’s all about learning to cook, long-distance ! 😛 Last week, it was seedai / aapam for Gokulashtami and now its about kozhakattai for Ganesh Chaturthi ! Hmmmm… It is fun to learn how to be a good wife from an excellent wife 🙂

Thankooo Mom… I don’t know what I would’ve done without you…. I hope to at least match up to half of what you are as a wonderful wife ! 🙂


One response to “Learning to cook, long-distance !

  1. I remember doing this in the early days of marriage when the husband would complain that it was cheaper to eat out than pay the exorbitant phone bills!

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