To the better half

Dear better half,

Today, you complained that I act childish !! and haan, I accept ! I am indeed Childish !!! 🙂

I know that am accused of being childish often… some little things make me enthusiastic even now… 😉


  • Long for the things that I did not have during my childhood days…
  • Love to swing in the swings…
  • Love the ‘merry-go-round’ and the ‘sarukku-maram’
  • Can play with mud and leaves…
  • Love ‘Winnie-the-pooh’, ‘Tom and Jerry’, ‘Make way for Noddy’ and the ‘Teletubbies’
  • Can spend many hours at the kid’s section @ stores, therz is still something special and magical about them…
  • Love to play ‘palanguzhi’ and ‘dhayakattai’
  • I am still tempted to get the coloring books and crayons from dollar store!…
  • I still love to scribble on blackboard…
  • God! I even still love my kitchen set – one red gas cylinder, green cooker & yellow stove…

In future, you can very well remind me that I am grown up… However, I still believe I cannot stop doing the above things! 😛

From that part of your wife which has not grown up !! 😉


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