tHe lUsT lIsT…

I have seen this tag in many blogs and was tempted to create one… So, here is a list of things I DREAM and I WANT.. want.. WANT and want!

  • How nice it would be to go for a trip to Switzerland with the better half! 😉

  • A trendy wrist watch!

  • This nice flat sandal..

  • Hmmm… a b’day gift for me ~ how abt this Michael Kors handbag..?? I’m kind of obsessed with this…. 😉

  • A nice spa…

  • And and AND, here’s my drEam beDroom… Would love to slEep and drEam, drEam and keep dreAminG here ! 😛

    It's so beaUtiful!

What’s on your list??


7 responses to “tHe lUsT lIsT…

  1. Good one

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  6. That’s a lovely list! Most of these would make it to my list too…started lusting already!

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