tHe dIleMmA

WARNING!! You are mOst weLcomE to SKIP reaDing tHis pOsT !!

Do you think that buying an apt in Siruseri for 60lks or in Velachery for 75lks is crazy?

Penthouse? 3BHK or 2BHK?? What do you prefer? A ready-to-occupy house or to-be-completed types? I believe that any residential project would take around 2 years to complete. If at all we choose the second type, we will have a wait period of 2 years, the home loan pre-emi, no rent for 2 years and the risk of the project not getting completed on time…

And what kind of a lifestyle do you need?

A 2BHK/3BHK in a middle class neighborhood or a penthouse in an upscale one? What amenities do you need? One swimming pool or two, or are you of the type who can use community pools? How about children’s park area? Do you need to have a fitness center in the apartment? How many maids will you need? Do you need servant rooms separately in your house? How many Car-parks?? One / Two / Three Balcony? How far shld the apartment be from station/ bus stop? Anybody attending FAIRPRO 2011?

All right, all right, I know am asking too many questions… but this has been the conversation @ home for almost 3 weeks now… In short, will answers to the above questions define our lifestyle and help us buying a house in chennai?

Me: I want a biGGGG house!!!
Dad: Go with projects in OMR / GST
Mom: avolodhooram’lam vendam… look for something in T Nagar area itself…
MIL: Hmmm… I agree, but we can even think of Velachery / Pallikaranai area projects… ennoda delhi-friend anga than vangirkka
Paati: yedhayo nalladha pathu vangungo
Better half: Is tOtallY cOnfUseD !! 😐


One response to “tHe dIleMmA

  1. There is no such thing as clarity when it comes to house buying and the worst part is you are never sure if you took the right decision. Phew! Worse was when we decided to build our own house…aiyo, which cement, which brick, which switch, which fan….went crazy!

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