Things that had been happening recently have made me realize certain things. A friend of mine is really IrriTaTinG these days!! Of all things in world, that friend ALWAYZ wants to do, whatever I do in life. I don’t know if that friend is reading this, but I had to say it. Maybe the free time I am having now is making me think so much.

I am hUrt and very anGry with that friend of mine!  Till date, I believed that we had many similarities and respected each other’s differences!!! Today, I realize that things have changed and that friend is Not the same anymore and I guess things will nOt work well between us!

If this continues, I would indeed be more than happy to end our friendship in a perfect manner! However, I would like to thank that friend for all those most memorable days of my life. I have learnt a lot from that friend and those memories will stay with me forever!



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