Our craZy liFe

These days almOst anybody who pings me in any messenger asks tHe SAME question ~ hOw’s married liFe? What kind of answer do people expect from me? I am not sure!! I usually reply with a one word answer like ~ ‘gr8’ or ‘gOOd’, whichever is fancier to me at that particular time.

I am just trying to understand what people expect and why they believe that a marriage can change somebody’s entire life. I am Not saying that marriage has changed Nothing in me. Indeed, it has !!! I now live in a different country and I am away from my parents. Apart from this, nothing has ever changed. I am still the same… I or rather ‘We’ still live an irresponsible student life. We are still lazy. We love each other and we fight with each other… What do people want and why do they expect something mOre suddenly all because I am just married?

So, what has it been like so far? We have had a lot of fun… the travel we had done… So far, I have been to Hawaii, New York, Florida, New Jersey, DC, Virginia, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island and North Carolina… we have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of iT!

Married liFe has also been crazy… the chaos we have when sharing responsibilities, planning finances & our luxuries. I don’t know about others but there’s always a mess in deciding ~ the menu each day, whO cleans the dishes, whO washes clothes and whO throws the trash. Other things like WHETHER I should start my MBA now or later, WHETHER we must go to the mall for shopping or sit at home and watch a movie this evening, WHETHER we need to have dinner at home or go to an Indian restaurant..!!??!! Believe me! Taking simple decisions like these have always been really really tough!!

So like I said, there are times when we have loads of fun and when everything is completely chaotic!


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