B’day fun

April  4th ~ mY birthday, turned out to be really great!  I have been in this planet for two and a half decades now *putting it this way makes me feel empowered * lol! 😉 Starting with cake-cutting at 0.00 hours and calls from both the ones-you-expected and the ones-least-expected, to the beautiful flowers delivered home… the wonderful gifts from the better half, lunch and dinner treats… it was one bIg awesOme daY! Thanks to all those from family & friends who took the time out to send cards and wishes. It meant a lOt to me!!

Dear better half ~ A special thanks to you for all the awesome gifts. I just want to end this post writing about all those things that I like tHe most in you and with few of the b’day pics…

~ the way you irritate me, as soon as you come home, with your stupid jokes.

~ the way you laugh when I shout in anger. *I still wonder how you can laugh while getting scolded?*

~  you won’t let me cross the streets until you hold my hand.

~ the way you start giving excuses for not-ready-to-cook-today and the way you praise yourself for achieving great things like washing *only* your cup after having coffee, cleaning the vacuum cleaner *after nearly a month*!!

~ the fact that you always kiss me before leaving for work *even if you are late*.

~ the fact that you watch suspense and thriller movie types *only* after I sleep

~ the way you have been tolerating all my naatak till date

~ the way you start dancing when you hear good music

OK OK!!.. I will stop here… this is enough.. I know too much of praise is not good 😛

PS: I know what some of my readers are wondering… Yes! Michael Kors handbag is on it’s way! 😉


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