tHe oLd Doordharshan daYs !

I remember those pre-cable days when I had nothing else to watch but Doordharshan ~ the old idiot box, tHe *only* Nationwide broadcaster! I believe that many of you still love those ads just like mE. I am posting some of my favorite ads here. I am sure this will bring sMiLe on your face! 🙂

Let me start with my favorites.

The evergreen Leo Coffee jingle by ARR..

The famous shahid kappor & ayesha takia Complan ads… I guess the tamil version was better ~ naan valargirene mummy 😉

The Cadbury Dairy Milk ads

Another sweet one ~ Cadbury Perk

Then the dad-daughter-wedding-gift-types from Titan

The famous Hamaara Bajaj

How can someone not like this Jalebee ad ~ Dhara Vintage?


The famous Clinic Plus chulbuli ad

And I remember seeing this during the pongal season

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Did I miss any other fav ads?


Comments are welcome - I want to know what you think

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