Damn these assignments!

Why is tHe toughest course aLways taken by a strict professor? Should I write more or less when I have a word count to reach? Know what… I am tempted to do a word count after everything I write/read these days!! Damn these assignments!!  😐

Bored with them, I wanted to chat with someone. I saw the better half online and decided to disturb him!

*He had already informed me that he would be busy the whole day*

Me: Hello

He: Hi. My meeting just got over. What’s up?

Me: Chatting with two of my college friends. You are number 3!

He: Why did you ping me? Anything important?

Me: Nothing. Chumma jolly’ku ~ *Just to disturb you*

He: *fumes*

Me: *wicked grin*




PS: This happened on Friday, April 8th 2011  ~ Just for the records! 😛


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