raNdOm fAcTs aBoUt mE

I love my mom and dad. I have always been their delicate darling. I am their only child after all!

When I am upset, I expect to be held and comforted only either by HIM or by my parents. I hate when others involve themselves just to give an “Uninvited or Unsolicited Lecture”.

I have been laughing at random people’s conversations till date. They often seem to forget the fact that I can understand the language they speak in. And the fact that they don’t know this helps even more. *Oh! If you are curious, I can understand Tamil, Hindi and English!*

I have not cooked anything other than Maggie and Tea until I reached US. Now, I manage to wake-up early and cook every day. I think I deserve an award for this !

The ‘house‘ needs to be cLeaN! I don’t like people offering help in the kitchen  while am cooking(except HIM, at times). The Kitchen cabinets needs to be closed. I hate to see it partially / fully open.

I jump around when I am excited and HE has to keep reminding me that we stay on the top floors.

I have been a die-hard fan of Ganguly since class 12. Three years back, I got bored and gave up.

I still love watching aeroplanes flying high in the skies. (What? It is fascinating!)

Very few friends know that I talk a lot of nonsense. Only if I love you or if you are close to me, you will discover the true “ME”. If I don’t like you, I will not like you forever ~ however hard you try to convince me that you are good, I will not change my mind.

I dreamed wanted to be a Doctor until my class 10, then realized I do not have the guts to dissect a cockroach and took Computer Science ~ And, I was always amongst the top 3 rankers and a favorite of many teachers.

I love classical music. I was forced to started learning carnatic music and bharatanatyam when I was 8. My first stage performance was in class 3. If you are wondering, my favorite artists are Nithyashree Mahadevan and P.Unnikrishnan!

I love shopping. OK! I am sure you all knew this already, but it is something I really really love!

I do not consume aerated drinks at all. I survive on Maaza / Frooti!

I love my birthday and my birthday month!

If you persuade me to do things, the more I will NOT do it. If you are stubborn, I can be 10 times more stubborn than you are!

I am seNsItIvE. I even cry at movies.

I am a girl that never refuses chocolates and Ice creams!


4 responses to “raNdOm fAcTs aBoUt mE

  1. loved it…I know I have been saying this for almost all your posts but thats the truth yaar! 🙂
    Especially the line: if you are stubborn, then am 10 times more stubborn — best pick of the lot! 🙂

  2. you can read shayari-sms-jokes http://shayari10000.blogspot.com

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