Our WeddInG ~ Part 1

I can’t believe its been a year since then. I wanted to write this post in February but somehow I had been postponing this. I thought I would do a flashback of the wedding events at least now.

The most favorite thing about my wedding was my wedding sarees. OK! You all know that a tamil iyer wedding ceremony will take place for 3 days. So, I had bought one saree for each of the occasions.  Most of the sarees were from RMKV-muhurtha-pattu-collections. I loved them all!

His family reached Chennai one week prior to the wedding date. All arrangements were already made and they stayed in a Hotel. On the evening of 1st February was the Mehendi ceremony.We had a couple of Mehndi artists come home to do henna for almost everybody in the family. We put on Indian classical music and everybody had their hand mehndi-ed. We also enjoyed the famous Kesari-RavaKichadi-Sambhar-and-Chutney combination made by my Aunt. *Only close relatives and few friends were invited for this function*.

We were supposed to reach the mandapam by 5.30 AM on 3rd Feb. I was tensed. More tensed than ever. I could feel my head heavy and everything in front of me seemed to dance. I was not feeling well. Mom and Dad asked me to relax and sleep early. Everyone in the house was also given strict instructions to not disturb me.

The fun began the next day. I was woken up at 4.00 in the morning by my mom. This time I felt quite better.  We reached the mandapam on time and what a varaverpu it was! *Rose Petals was thrown at us at the entrance of the mandapam and I loved all the different colors!*

In the pic: It’s my dad with both of us during the varaverpu.

We had Vruthum early in the morning where prayers were offered to the ancestors of the family. The very same day in the evening we had the Jaanavaasam followed by the Nischayathartham:  the procession from a temple to the marriage venue. I even loved the way the venue was decorated. Here’s the pic.

Once I was ready, the photographer arrived and then there was this photo-taking-part. I was asked to cup-my-face-in-my-hands and do the famous look-below-and-shy-pose etc etc! I just tried my best to cooperate but he took 5-8 shots of the same picture to get it right! Phew!!  One of my cousin even told me “Akka, yellarum paakara. Ozhungha pose kuda. Indha photographer un photo’va marriage hall full’ah podaran!!” ~  *She said my pics were getting displayed on the huge screens in the marriage hall* He he !! I could only feel sorry for the guests. I did not bother much since all friends and cousins were already having a good time making fun of me!

This is the only pic I felt safe-posing! 😉

A lot of relative and friends had arrived by this time and all were dancing and singing along the procession. I couldn’t stop laughing seeing HIM sitting in that decorative car.  Hahaha!! Hehehe!! Ore sirippu! 😛 Suddenly my father came near me and said, I need to sit along with him in-that-pazhayagaalathu-otta-vandi. I said NO but I knew I had no choice.

That’s all for today! Stay tuned for more! 🙂


2 responses to “Our WeddInG ~ Part 1

  1. nalla serial maadhiri end kodukkara po! 🙂
    waiting for the remaining story! 🙂

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