Our WeddInG ~ Part 2

The morning of our wedding, I was woken up at 3 AM. I wasn’t ready to get up. I wanted to sleep. For a second, I thought, ‘how nice it would have been if it was a late-muhurtham’. Sigh! The makeup artist arrived at 3.30 and I had to be ready by 5! As soon as I was out of shower, she began working on me. The face was done, the sari was put on, and then the hairdo ~ with metal objects – chandran, suriyan, raakodi, nethi-chutti along with the extension & heavy flowers! My head must have weighed more than my body!! Here’s the pic.

Meanwhile, he was dressed in the traditional panchakatcham for kashiyatra at 5 AM. It seems that he  had a chance here to leave the marriage and go on a pilgrimage, but the bride’s father prevents him by asking him to marry his daughter. OK!! Y do this? I told my parents that I bet ~ this guy wouldn’t run away!! I vouch for that! But they wanted to follow the rituals!

When I got ready and came out, I was happy with the stage decoration for three reasons. One, we had the perumaal-thayaar backdrop. Two, the bright colors used was a perfect match for my sarees. And three, the interiors of the hall was decorated in rEd – my fav color!! I looked at him and noticed that he had an umbrella, fan, walking stick and a towel tied to his shoulder for Kashi Yatra! I wanted to laugh but held myself. The crowd was the reason. Then, we had the Maalai maatral and the Onjal ceremony. This was relaxing and we had a nice time in the swing.

After this was the real wedding ~ muhurtham. Everything was ready. I was on my way to the stage and I started feeling nervous only because I wanted everything to be perfect. I had the fear that I might cry in front of so many people. My photographer somehow knew this. He could tell I was nervous. He asked me to stop and take a deep breath before I climbed on the stage for the dramatic moment. Thanks to him… I needed that! Suddenly, I heard the change in background music and I realized he is gonna tie the knot ~ kanikkadhanam / mangalyadharanam / whatever!

After all the flower-abhishekam on us, I silently whispered to him, ‘Hey! Kalyanam ayidutha?’ *Are we married?* He thought for a moment, looked around and then whispered back ‘Apdi than Nenaikaren’ *I think so*. It was very touching to see everyone’s faces. Especially that of my parents and my new family. My father was the first one to hug me & I don’t think he had ever held me so long and tight. My mom and I controlled ourselves. Else, there would have been a sentimental-naatak on stage.  Well you see, I am a drama queen! But at one point,  when I saw the reaction in all my cousins and friends, I was also brought to tears . My 70-year grandma was jumping in joy! Hmm, I’ll never in my life forget those few minutes, the first moments of our marriage.

The rituals continued for some more time. We were sweating and walking around in front of the sacred-fire. Then, there was this arundadhi parthal ~ I had no idea what it was. I asked him if he knows and he too had no clue. He was bending down and touching my feet. I was almost about to bless him but stopped myself  and realized that it was for the ‘mettis’ 😛

We had the marriage registration and were finally declared married. Phew!

Can you count the number of garlands? 😉

And, awww! the varerpu for lunch was also very spl…  flower-abhishekam once again 😛 Have a look at the pic.

Next, in the evening we had the Nalangu first. We were asked to play the-wedding-games. *Ok! I know you guessed it right. We had discussed and decided that I would be the winner. So, he acted accordingly!* 😉 By the time the nalangu was over, I had precisely 1 hour to get ready for the reception. Imagine the level of stress and panic!

I walked-in dressed in my HEAVY Lehnga. I again looked nervous and conscious . I was worried if I would trip and fall. He looked at me and laughed. Ok! he had his chance now. Again, I loved the way what the decorator had done with the stage ~ the lights, the flowers, the couch, the balloons and the mandolin sisters concert. It was exactly as I pictured it in my mind. It was a beautiful setup.

Cameras, lights and the entire guests were looking at us! Around 1000 guests and pics with each one of them. Phew!  I looked really tired by the time it got over. We ended that night getting blessings from all the elders in the family. Here’s pic of my Lehnga.

And oh! The videos with all those graphics and special effects~ our faces in many hearts, fruits, flowers, tress, mountains, earth, sky! You name it ! LMAO! 😛

It was fun to go back and relive that day.  This has been a very nice reminder of how special & amazing  the whole celebration was.

PS: Was this a lengthy post?? 😛


2 responses to “Our WeddInG ~ Part 2

  1. It indeed was! But I guess you walked us through your wedding celebrations! 🙂

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