cHiLdHoOd InNoCeNcE

This tag has been in the blog-world for quite sometime now. I found it chooo chweet and I could’nt resist. The following are the misconceptions I believed/thought/whatever as a child.

~ I used to think that money grew on money plant and watered it every day! I even remember asking my dad to buy as many money plants as he can so that we would become the *richest* someday.

~ I used to get scared when Amma or Paati said, “Poi sonna ummachi kanna kuthidum” / “Poochandi varaan”. I even thought that a monster lives under my bed to eat me if I would do anything wrong.

~ I believed that whoever appeared in the TV, lived inside the TV. I used to wonder how soo many of them lived inside that small box.

~ I once swallowed a seed *orange seed* and was afraid if a plant would grow in my stomach. I dint want to drink water after that!!

~ My mom said I would become dark if I drink coffee and I believed it.

~ I thought that all the actors who die in the movies really died.

~ I used to believe that Santa Claus would give me presents only if he thought that I am a good girl. So, every Christmas eve, I used to eat properly, do my holiday homework & wait for the presents.

~ I was in class 3 or 4 when I used to think that “Sun” loves me and is following me. I was actually proud of it.

~ I was told that the letter “Q” was actually the letter “O” with a tail. So I thought “Q” is a very bad letter and often would not write/say it.

~ For the *longest* time, I thought a girl would become pregnant if a boy kissed her.

Don’t you see how brilliant I was? 😀 I am sure all of you also had similar misconceptions as a child. Do tell me about it!


2 responses to “cHiLdHoOd InNoCeNcE

  1. very true! I too believed in almost all of it…especially the last one! 😀
    I could relate to coffee and money plant so closely! 🙂
    very close to heart post ya! 🙂

  2. 🙂 I believed the last one for an embarrassingly long tym! 😛

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