There’s no place like HOME!

I am putting up few pics of our hOusE for this week’s wOrdLesS wEdNeSdaY!

  • This is tHe mOst cOmfOrtaBle place in tHe hOuse ~ I love to drEam, drEam and keep dreAminG here. tHe besT thing about this is that it’s all mine ~ the rEd stars, our favo pics and the soft toys… awww!! I love tHis place!
  • oUr LivIng rOOm ~ I love tHe pretty wall hanGings and tHe light effects here..!

  • I love the DiNinG taBle area ~ Isn’t it stylish? 😛

  • And the kItCheN ~ where I spend mOst of my evenings…cooking, organizing, experimenting, etc.

Isn’t it a lOvelY hOme ?!!?!! 🙂

PS: I know if the pics were taken during the day it would have been clearer. But, I like this effect!


One response to “There’s no place like HOME!

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