To tHe beTTerhaLf

Dear Lemon,

Until last week, I thought you are one of those kanjoos boy. You do not spend a penny unless you think it’s worth it.  When our Iron box was gone, you took a week’s time to decide and buy a new one. *Ok! Why the iron box at home is not working is still a mystery!* You always take your own time to buy anything. I had to wait for almost 3 months to get a new laptop. But now I realize that you simply wait to get yourself the best deal. I know it’s not that you are not interested in shopping, it’s that you want to actually wait for the sales and save a few dollars.  But on the other hand, I am a crazy shopper and I don’t have the patience to wait for the deals.

I was going through the Macy’s site today to find out our benefits using the Macy’s card and this idea clicked my mind.  I have come up with this reward program for you. You can earn extra points for each task you do and redeem the rewards later.

*****Things you should know*****

~ 10 points: Buying milk on your way home . *You know that I hate to go out JUST to buy a milk-can*

~ 25 points: Iron your shirts for the whole week on Sundays. *Your friends told me that you used to do this. But, I have not seen you doing this ever since last feb! Hence the deal!*

~ 50 points: If you vacuum the house, clean the bathroom and throw the trash.

~ 100 points: If you cook during the weekends without any protest.

~ 500 points: If you take me out for Shopping any time/ any day/ any week. *Let me make it clear ~ NO WINDOW SHOPPING!!!*

*****Your Reward******

~ For 1000 points: I will make rasam for any two continuous days as per your wish. *Reminder: You love rasam and I hate it! So, this is tHe first best reward you can get!*

~ For 2000 points: You will have the snacks ready-to-eat when you reach home every evening for one whole week. (What?.. Isn’t it a good reward?)

~ For 3000 points: I will not ask you to listen to Carnatic music for a month.

~ For 5000 points: You can watch the cricket / basket ball match on TV for one entire day. (I know! I can see you smile reading this!)

~ For 10000 points: Whatever! *I know you can never reach this level*

******Additional Terms and Conditions apply.******

To qualify please understand:

*Approval is based upon satisfying my expectations.

**This offer is subject to change any time. You are bound by its terms and all future revisions.

***As a bonus, you will earn 5 points if you wash your hands and face as soon as you come home from office *DAILY*

With Love,


PS: I did not want to continue blogging under my orthonym. Henceforth, I am Lavender and I will refer him as Lemon.  I have also edited the “About me” section on the blog that describes us.

Lemon & Lavender (our pseudonyms)~ Isn’t it koool! 🙂 🙂 🙂 😛


4 responses to “To tHe beTTerhaLf

  1. Macy’s reward options maadhiri unnoda reward options huh! 😀

  2. Ramya Deepak

    Nice one:) loved it:)

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