cRazY fOoLs

Lemon missed his bus again today and I had to drop him at the station. This is becoming a habit now!  The fact that I learned driving is favoring him and I am hating it!!

Ok. We all know he is a mean-mean-boy. He loves pulling my legs. At his office, they have this weekly-award-funda. An award is given to a team member every week and Lemon got this award last week. He was doing all those ‘aww’, ‘wow’, ‘ohh’ thing in front of me. Silly fellow!!

Today, he was sad since the award was going to be passed on to someone else. I was having a good time making fun of him. In the evening, he called me and said that the award was taken away from him. He added that his manager could not decide whom to pass on this award for this week and so had asked all his team members to stand in a circle. Then, a bottle was rotated and whomever the bottle pointed to after it stopped was given the award.  ‘Who won?’, I asked.  But what do I hear on the other end? Lemon laughing like-a-demon and then,  ‘Hey! Unna Yaar venumnaalum yemathalam’. Sheesh! I had believed it. It then hit me hard. Hard. I was irritated. And, I heard him laughing again. I was pissed off and I just hung up.

I remember one more incident in 2010. It was after our marriage when we were travelling in the flight from Delhi-New York. I was bored and he started the conversation like this, ‘Do you think the flight is moving now?’. I looked through the window and the flight was in the middle of the clouds. But for some reason I felt as if the flight was not moving at all. The clouds outside my window were still in spite of all those so-called-relative-motion. There was not much movement inside the flight as well and I did not hear the engine or the AC sound either. So, I answered him with a ‘No’.  On a more serious note, he said, ‘The rotation of the earth has an impact on the movement of the flight. So, the faster the earth rotates, the sooner we will reach the destination’. He gave me a ten-minute lecture as if he was one of those famous-geography-or-physics-professors. I seriously believed it. How stupid of me. No! Let me put it this way. He made me believe that the flight-moves-as-the-earth-rotates and I never asked him what the pilots were doing.  Anyways, what a fool I was. Wait! Can somebody tell me how crazy he is or how stupid I am to believe all these?  LOL. LOL. We are funny? Weird? Crazy? Normal? What?

Anyways, I decided to post this here just for the records.

PS: Lemon wanted me to remove the ‘s’ from ‘fools’ in the title. But you know how it is ! *wicked-grin*


2 responses to “cRazY fOoLs

  1. ROTFL! very funny post ya! 🙂

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