Yay!! I am taking a break now. The next few weeks I am on a vacation. I am planning to start my next course only in June… WHICH MEANS I have some free time now and this makes me realize a few things…

One ~ Driving ! I need to learn parallel parking. Lemon keeps motivating me to learn. But somehow I had been postponing  this. I can drive well but when it comes to parking, I am the worst. I don’t know what to do. Attempting to park seems to be a futile process. Lemon has to tell me which way I need to turn the steering-wheel and which mirror I must look into. I try to interpret what Lemon says but my tiny brain refuses and is not interested.

I love my Scooty-Pep and I am missing it now. I hate the fact that people don’t use two-wheelers here. When I asked Lemon to buy me a two-wheeler, he pretended not to hear. I keep telling him that I can drive a Scooty damn well and that I can envy every single girl in the area. But again, he pretends not to hear! 😕


Two ~ Planting ! Lemon has still not got me the red-rose-plant. It’s not cold here anymore. It’s getting bloody hot. So,  isn’t this the right time for him to get me the plant??!!??

I have promised him that I will water it daily and take care of it… Think  that’s not enough. I need to  praise more  & compliment him saying that whatever he plants will grow and flourish etc etc… 😛


Three ~ Music ! I can sing well. This was one of the reasons Lemon liked me.

I am dying to start my music lessons again. I started the interest, in the year 1993, while I was in Chennai. The next 10 years, a master used to come home, every Mon/Wed/Fri, and teach me . I began the keerthanams. But we shifted to a new place. So, she quit!

In the year 2004, since my previous master had quit, I changed my guru and this one started from the beginning ~ ‘sa ri ga ma pa dha ni sa’, again. 😯 So, I quit !

Now, I want to start again. But pleaseee not right from the beginning.


Four ~ I need to take care of  my falling hair. All was fine while I was in India. From the moment I came to  the US of A, the amount of hair fall has increased. I have heard the same story from many people here. I need to do something about this.


Five ~ I am planning for a biG vacation already. Want to get rid of all the responsibilities for some time. Last time I was in India for 3 weeks doing nothing other than the traditional-bahu-ka responsibilities. The next time, I want NO restrictions. I want to be “ME” and do the things I want to do.

We left to the US-of-A immediately after the wedding and so did not have time for this so-called-newly-wed-meals. There’s a tradition where relatives invite the newly weds to their house for lunch. I remember my parents inviting many of my cousins after marriage for lunch. The meals would include everything, *like the Saravana Bhavan Meals*, Sambhar, Vada, Payasam, Appalam, Curry, Kootu, Rasam, Thayir, etc.

All my relatives are already angry since Lemon & I missed it. I need to make sure that all this is fixed in our next trip. I don’t know when, but I am planning the finances and the leave ! 😛


P.S.: This is my third post for the day. Don’t you think its tooooo much?


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