When you are BORED

Well, my tiny tiny brain has come up with some iNcrEdIbLe, iMaGiNaTiVe, cReAtIvE and cRaZy ideas to do when you are bored. Here are some of them.

~ Turn facebook off. Home. Photos. Like. Farmville et al. Mafia wars. Tag. It’s all about shameless-self-promotion.  A definite time waster. Instead, Read blogs. They are cartloads of fun! 😛

~ Dress up. Try to criticize yourself. Sometimes this can help you decide if you need a gym or not.

~ Go out for a walk but don’t forget to take your camera.

~ Cooking! *I try new recipes only when I am bored*

~ Ding a dong, sing a song! Sit back. Sing aloud. Remember the good times and smile wide.

~ Pull your old slam books or even old comics and read. It helps.

~ Fight for fun!! *I do this often with Lemon. You know, Pillow-fighting?!!?*

~ Write for yourself. Start a blog. Express. Pour your heart out.

~ How about starting a garden? No seriously. I mean it. *Super time pass, I believe it is!*

~ Most importantly, ShOp !!!  There’s nothing in this world better than shopping for yourself. I really love the alone times picking something I am looking for. *OK! 11 out of 10 times I don’t know what I am looking for!!* But it’s really really fun!  Now that I have talked about shopping, I need to mention this ~ *Know what? Lemon is  already losing patience. Nowadays he makes it a point NOT to talk on phone while am shopping. Reason? He is afraid that I might grab and bill something extra when he is on phone busy chatting. How mean? He even warns his friends who are getting married to beware. I don’t know why men hate gals when they start shopping?!!?* Whatever! I love shopping like any normal girl would and I even love the compliments bell that ring. 😛

If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged. Tell me about the crazy things to do, when you are bored.


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