A Letter to my MOM

Dear Mom,

You are one of the greatest ladies I have seen in my life. Today, I want to thank you for all that you have done for me. You have taught me soo many things mom. I have ignored a few things, and I often think about them every day.

Something number one: “sMiLe when you pose for the pictures” ~ I used to hate it mom! And, I hate it even now! It makes me feel awkward to stand in front of the camera and smile. Lemon complaints the same now and we still fight for this.

Something number two: “Eat Vegetables” ~ Aww!! Those school days!! I used to eat only rice and bring back the vegetables in my lunch box. *except for aloo*. You scolded me every day for not eating vegetables. Know what mom.? These days I have even started liking all those yuck-vegetableskathirikkai, podalangai and sennai kizhangu!! I buy them all myself. I cook them. I eat and I make sure that Lemon eats them. Maybe it is a part of growing up, maturity kicking in.? I know mom, you prayed for this. I know for all that I wasted that day, I deserve this karma!!

Something number three: “Wash your face twice a day” ~ I had those proud teenage scars on my face and you made it a point that I washed my hands and face regularly. I was too lazy to follow. I hope it’s not too late now!

Something number four: “Talk with people.” I never believed in socializing mom. I used to be a good listener and never participate in any conversations. You always tried to pull me into conversations. You tried your best to help me start socializing. May be I should have put some more effort into being social?

Something number five: “Don’t be lazy” ~ You always thought I am the laziest person in this whole world. For all those things that made you believe that I am lazy, I present to you this guy ~ Mr. Lemon. When he goes for laundry and takes the clothes out of the drier, they are always half-dried. Reason? Since it takes less efforts, he loads all his shirts at once. Can you beat that??? He is too lazy to re-dry. So,  there will always be a pile of clothes drying in the bedroom. And, know what? We have a laundry room right in front of our apartment, in the same floor. It pretty much drives me crazy mom. The piles..?  I just keep pretending that I don’t see them.

Something number six: “Don’t wait for help. If you can do it all by yourself, do it!” ~ You have taken so many responsibilities. I have never seen you being dependant on someone for something mom. I want to inherit this quality from you. You sacrificed soo many little things for me. You have taught me the most valuable lessons in life. You taught me to be stronger. You balanced both your career and your family. You taught me to bear pain and you were always there to offer a helping hand. Even today, you are first person I talk to when something goes wrong.  

You are my inspiration mom. I don’t know what appa, paati and I would have done without you. We love you mom. We are always there for you. Thanks for everything. I will go ahead and wish you now. As per the Indian Timing zone, the date is right.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY,  MOM! I am so proud to be your daughter. 🙂



P.S.: Here’s my favorite pic with you mom.

P.S. of P.S.: Dadddyyyy ~ Please don’t feel “J”. I will write a post on you soooooooon !! I promise !

P.S. of P.S. of P.S.: I hate when some people *you know who* call you by your name mom. I don’t know why. But I hate it and they get into my nerves! I warn them all for one last time.


5 responses to “A Letter to my MOM

  1. very sweet sincere wishes on Mothers day. Wishing you a wonderful time with your mother:)

  2. Prema Sridhar

    I read all ur blogs only today and I am proud of u dear. U express urself damn well. Hey, dont call my boy Lemon, he’s a honey, a very sweet boy. Only from ur blogs I have come to know him so well. He’s a very interesting boy. Have to make Chinchu read abt him.
    Bye and do keep writing.

    • thankoooo maami! 🙂 He is Honey? hehe.. I thought of keeping my blog name as “Orange and Honey”, but later decided to have “Lavender and Lemon”… I will probably think about changing it later! 😛

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