To the Lady that I love,

You mean everything to me. You are the one I admire and you are the one I wish to be like. BuT, Stop questioning me about my future plans. I am not ready for anything biG yet! How I wish I had the ability to understand why some people want their ‘Second’ to-do-something-together-with-someone and at the same time want their ‘First’ to-do-something-alone-ignoring-someone. Sigh!! Just want you to understand this ~ I was happy to talk to you and seeing you made my day today. Thank you!

To the Lady that I hate,

You are confused. You act so well. How do you manage to act differently around different people? You act selfish at times and at times you are soo concerned. What are you made of really? What do you want me to do? Pity you or feel sorry? You sure seem to do this for attention and I hope whatever you are doing it for is worth it. You need to find comfort in knowing that I will be the one taking care of you in the future!

To the Man that I hate,

I don’t even know if you really exist. You fool people around and make them believe that you are the best!  What on earth do you think you are doing? Heck, I can do better than what you do. Go to Hell!!

To the Man that I love,

Whatever happening is just so wrong. I want you to be here sometime soon. Please don’t make me wait so long !!!

To the dreamer in me,

You are one of the craziest people. Your interests always varied from marrying a prince to becoming an aeronautical engineer!! You need to come out of your imagination dear. Stop dreaming soooo much…. start existing… the sooner the better 😛

–          The puzzled Lavender.


2 responses to “Randomness!

  1. wow…loved your imagination….u rock ya! 🙂

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