A Toss-up!

We were watching a quiz show online. A very old show *re-telecast*. The quiz was to find out how much we  really know about our loved ones. I liked it. And I wanted to play the same with Lemon even though we are happily married for one year now. I wanted to take the test ~ Not for judging each other but for “FUN” ! Lemon was not interested in this STUPID GAME initially. But you know how it is. After a small protest, he finally accepted. So, here we go.

The first question was easy for both of us. ‘What’s his/her favorite color?’ ~ we both answered this in a jiffy! Next it was, ‘What’s his/her grandpa’s name?’ ~ hahaha! This was easy for me. I knew that . And, Lemon? He was thinking for a while. I thought he would finally gave a wrong answer! But surprisingly he was right! 😯

Next it was, ‘Who’s his/her favorite singer?’ ~ Now, this was tough. This guy never listens to anyone/anything in particular! He has neither told me who he likes nor did I bother to ask him. He is one of a kind. He would listen to any music genre ~  from dappan-kutthu to pop, jazz, rock, country and classical (that I make him listen to). Time was running and I had to give an answer. I made a  WILD guess and said “A.R. Rahman”. It then struck me hard. Hard that A.R. is a well known music director. Does he fall into this favo-singer-category? I was not sure. I wanted to change my answer but I was not allowed. On the other hand, this was easy for Lemon. He first said “Nithyakalyani” and later changed it to “Nithyashree” !! Why did I give him a chance to change his answer? If he can change then why can’t I? I yelled. I fumed. However, Lemon said he likes “A.R.” and so my answer was considered right! Yay!!

Moving on, next was, ‘How many BF/GF, he/she had?’ ~ This was again easy. Both of us knew the answer for this ~ Right from school-crush to college-kindals and all other X-Y-Z ! Next question, ‘What’s your favorite pass time?’

‘She likes music and blogging’.

‘He likes to watch movies and matches (cricket/basketball)’.

But we had to give a single answer. Both of us were deciding one among the two when we were interrupted by a call from someone. Sigh!! ‘Babes, we have to stop here. Let’s continue this sometime later’, Lemon said. He got a call from one of friends and they wanted to discuss about something important. I could see the relief on his face. Damn the friend who called him! *Whether they were really discussing something important is still a mystery!!!*

I lost the excitement on hearing this and I am still waiting for the right time to continue.  Who will win this game  ❓ However, until whatever was answered, we are on equal points !

Coming back to the show, they quoted that “It’s sometimes very hard to like someone. This quiz might help a little if we are unsure of how honest that person is ! “…….  I am not sure if this would really really help but might be worth a “FUN” shot!  What say? 🙂


9 responses to “A Toss-up!

  1. definitely interesting….and am curious to know who will win! 🙂

  2. Truly Interesting! Continue the game soon and let me know who won. 😉

  3. My God, Neeraja, If Sridhar and I were to undergo this, both of us wd for sure fail miserably. And Sridhar wd have got a sure Duck!!!!

  4. sounds interesting.

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