The weekend that was

Yes, we met! Lemon’s friends. I talk about ‘N’ & ‘C’ *their blog names* here.. They agreed to grace us with their presence yesterday. They even got along their one year old, little prince, baby ‘S’! He is a cutie! As per our plan, we met for lunch.  The thing is, ‘N’ is someone with whom you can never run out of stuff to talk about… We chatted about anything and everything ~ About life !

That morning, when I woke up, I knew they would be visiting, which is why I ran around here-and-there to keep all the things in their rightful place. I wanted the house to be clean. I wanted Lemon to vacuum the house.  All this because I knew baby ‘S’ would be playing around on the floor.  What if they thought our house was unclean? What if they decided that it was not clean for the toddler and left? They were Lemon’s friends. I couldn’t take a chance. I wanted to make sure everything was perfect before they came in.

They reached our place around 2 PM. The moment we were comfortably seated, baby ‘S’ started crying.  Why? He didn’t like our home? The moment he saw Lemon, he cried even more. *I laughed*. He didn’t like Lemon?  The moment he saw me, he screamed. Oh my God! He didn’t like me? 😥 ‘N’ told us that it would take some time for him to get used to a new place. I relaxed hearing this. What do I say? He was chooo chweet. I even loved him when he cried 😛

After sometime he stopped crying and started playing with us. I could see innocence, bliss and cuteness in him. What a baby, he was. Aww! I loved him. 🙂 After some time, we had an amazing, tasty tasty very very tasty and a fulfilling lunch *that I cooked* 😛

****Ice creams and even Paratas are missing in the pic! I wanted to serve parata hot-hot. So, I made them just before we had lunch 😛 ****

Baby ‘S’ waited patiently in his baby seat, smiling and playing as we ate and spoke…At one point, he found his Dad’s & Lemon’s mobile to entertain himself. They had this ‘Talking Tom Cat’ app in their mobile. The cat in the app would repeat whatever you say in a funny tone. Tom Cat repeating something in an unknown language spoken by baby ‘S’ was chooooo chweeeeeet and funny! What a day, it was! We had cart-loads of fun 🙂

Thanks to ‘N’ & ‘C’ for the nice weekend ! 🙂


7 responses to “The weekend that was

  1. Prema Sridhar

    Food looks delicious and yummy. Made my mouth watery. Now I yhink I’ll have to plan a trip to Boston to taste all that and not just see pics. Hey, u talked so much abt that kid, cd have posted a photo of that kid too.

  2. Aww tasty tasty lunch? I am coming to your place too. 🙂

  3. Love love this blog…Thanks for having us… The dishes were amazing and you totally forgot about the aloo bonda u made for the evening snack. My mouth is watering as i write…Yum Yum…S says Thanks for playing with me…and allowing me to run around the house…..Beautiful 🙂

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