The tale of making Indian flatbread

When I was in college, I wanted my paati to teach me to make chapattis (Indian flatbread). She started with the dough making process. She wanted me to add some water to the atta powder. So, I poured an entire mug of water into it and she ended up making Atta dosa (Gothumai dosai) that day. I didn’t know what was wrong. I later realized it’s the consistency that matters. I even din’t manage to roll and flip them. SO, I. GAVE. UP.  Later, I tried my hands on making chapattis *all by myself* during my MUMBAI days and that’s when I learnt the truth. I. CANNOT. MAKE. CHAPATTIS ~ AND, I. GAVE. UP. AGAIN.  I thought I wouldn’t cook either, but well, I did manage.

When I came to US, I had no other choice but to learn this art. I did not want to survive on the frozen chapattis from store. But who would help me make them? Lemon? Ah! He can only eat. He had no idea of the dough nor the roll-and-the-flip thing. I knew I had to experiment it again all by myself. But this time  when I knead the dough it came out perfectly well. From then on, I followed a procedure and, since then, life has been perfect!!

I first place the tawa on the burner and start rolling.  However, till date, I have never got the perfect round shape. Each time I roll, my chapattis will morph into different shapes some of which we are familiar with. And the others? Well, the world is yet to discover such shapes.  Never mind. I will just keep up my good work.  And Oh! In the meantime, when I smell something burning, I would realize that it’s my tawa on the burner. Then, I would hurriedly flatten  and pass the chapattis to Lemon !!!?!! Yes, I wanted him to take part in this tedious process and not just sit and eat. And, this was easy ~ I would knead the dough, do the roll, flatten and pass it on to Lemon. He will put them on the tawa and flip them. When it puffs up and the chapattis rise, you can see the ‘Wow! I am awesome’  look on his face *as if it was he who did the wonder*.   I would argue that it all depends on how you knead the dough. But, he doesn’t care and says ‘Indha veetla yella vellayum naan than perfect’ah panren’.  He thinks that it’s he who has this talent to make the chapattis rise and turn into perfect shapes. Well, Whatever !!

It was one of those days yesterday. This time it was not chappatis but aloo parata. We decided to eat them with malai kofta and it turned out pretty good. Here’s the pic 😛


9 responses to “The tale of making Indian flatbread

  1. looks so yummy ya! 🙂
    and the look and feel of your blog is good too! 🙂

  2. hmmm… let the poor boy take the credit lavender 😉

  3. Prema Sridhar

    Hey doesnt ur Lemon read ur blogs? Now all those who read ur blogs know Lem helps u in making rotis.
    Not at all fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    By the way ur prep looks very yummy. If u keep uploading such photos, very soon I shall land up there.

  4. Next time Malai Kofta…. :-)……for lunch…Don’t post all these pictures…u r inviting trouble….tempting me to say work from home…and stop by ur place…hahaha…very nice…lov chapathi’s

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