Bulbs Galore

*A conversation with Cousin (‘S’)*

S: Come to India soon… It’s so boring here!
Me: Hmmm.. Yeah! I miss you too…
S: Eh? I don’t miss you! I just said it’s so boring here!! 😛
Me: 😦 I needed this! *Even if I come to India, I am not going to meet you! PODI!!*


*A conversation with Lemon’s friend*

Friend:  Hey! You have lost weight. Yenna da reason?
Lemon: Eh?
Friend: (cuts him in the middle) No! It’s okay, I understand! Don’t answer. (Looking at me) She might write about this in her blog 2mr!
Lemon: *laughs*
Me: 😦


*A conversation with Lemon*

Lemon: Hey! No new blog posts today?
Me: Nope! Nothing interesting is happening!
Lemon: Oh! If you forgot, I was the one who cooked s’day!! *runs away*
Me: 👿 *fumes* 👿


*A conversation with Mom*

Mom: You write a blog?
Me: Yes.
Mom: What do you write about?
Me: Hmmm… It’s all about your dear Son-in-Law!!!!!!!!
Mom: What about him?
Me: *Am I in some kinda trouble here?* Leave it, Ma! It’s not important.
Mom: Give me the link, I want to read.
Me: Nope.
Mom: Okay, I will ask my Son-in-Law. I have his mail ID.
Me: What?  Mail? WHO on earth created a mail-id for you?
Mom: Y.O.U. You!! *Grins*
Me: 🙄

It’s easy to laugh and forget the above. But added to them, when you continue to make many silly mistakes every now and then, you feel like you are the most stupid person!! I have had enough bulbing moments in the past few days. Hope this doesn’t continue!! 😦 😛


4 responses to “Bulbs Galore

  1. I wish it continues so that you have something to write about! 😀 😛

  2. ah , I know such conversations make you feel stupid, but it happens with everybody (including me) ! not to worry much 🙂

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