Simple pleasures

I was not feeling well yesterday. My back needed some extra attention. I asked Lemon for a back massage. An extended one.  He gave in without any word of protest. Wohoooo!! This is why I love the days ‘when-I’m-not-feeling well’.  Otherwise, this same guy has to be told a thousand times before he does anything. The massage put me to sleep. But I was woken up by the boy after sometime. Reason? He had prepared ‘Rasam’ and ‘Aloo’ curry for dinner all by himself. How sweet of him! But I hate Rasam. Lemon knows that!

“It’s okay to have rasam when you are not feeling good”, Lemon said.

Sigh! I know. I know, he must have been more than happy to make use of his ‘chance-of-having-rasam’ !! Well, Whatever! 

So yes! Like I said in my previous post, sometimes miracles do happen. Big ones. Those are the days that I love! And then, there are days like yesterday when he comes and serves me too! Awwwwwww! What a lovely day, it was ! 🙂

Here’s the pic

Lemon rasam and Aloo curry !

Thankoooooooo Lemon! I loved your rasam! 🙂


6 responses to “Simple pleasures

  1. That’s interesting:)

  2. Like it to Infinity….Good job Lemon…Proud to be ur friend 🙂

  3. Prema Sridhar

    Hey, he just served u only. Bad shd have oottified too.

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