Fun in the woods

After considering a  few different ideas, we made a last minute plan to head out to Charlotte for the weekend. We had been talking about visiting Lemon’s sister for a long time, but we never finalized anything. A couple of days before the weekend, we just decided to go to their place. The direct flights were way too costly. Driving did not seem like a possibility since it would take  us more than 10 hours. So, we ended up booking connecting flights to reach our destination. We just decided to go on a trip without any prior planning. This was so exciting! and this is what I love about us ! 🙂

On Saturday, we were to leave home by 4 AM to catch our flight. It was already 4.15 when we started. We just rushed through the roads and lanes to reach the airport on time. Also, we were to park our car, a couple of miles away from the airport, and take the shuttle. By the time we reached the airport, we were already late. We fought our way through the check in counter, only to find that we were checking in with the wrong airline. What was that? I yelled. Lemon looked puzzled for a moment.  Then he realized that he had booked the tickets for a US Airways flight which is operated by the United Airlines. We were supposed to check in with the US Airways and not with the United. Sheesh! Silly mistake! Last minute tension, and off we went to the next terminal, US Airways counter, to print our tickets. By the time we came out of security check, it was almost time for boarding. Fortunately, we din’t miss our flight!

Charlotte. I have been there last year. It was my first adventure trip. White water rafting was so much fun! This year, we visited the Pisgah National Forest in Western Carolina. We had a good time there. It was all about hikes and waterfalls and I am putting up some of our fun, crazy, mushy and cheesy pics here 😛

The Awesome Four !!

Cheesy pic ! 😉

Oh Yes! We were dancing in the forest!

'Married for a year' pose

Can't do without each other!

The Family!!


6 responses to “Fun in the woods

  1. Lovely post:). Great to hear that you had nice time with your family in charlotte.. Double like for the family pic:)

  2. Ha ha ! lovely pics… I am jealous now!! 🙂
    God bless you both! 🙂

  3. Awww… mushy pics! 😛 Last minute trips are always exciting. Nice to know that you had fun Lavender.. 🙂

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