It made me sMiLe…

…the parcel from India. 🙂

I often *almost everyday* get into my ‘I miss Chennai’ or ‘I miss my home’ moods. And, Lemon would hold me close, dial my mom’s number and make sure that I talk to her immediately. At times, I make it hard for Lemon to cheer me up. And, at other times, happiness visits me in some other ways ~ in the form of a parcel from India. Bliss, it is!

Yesterday. Some spices and my favorite snacks (from my favorite shops) arrived in a big brown box, from my homeland, through DHL.  When I opened the box and saw the packets, I could imagine my dad at it, packing them all with extra care, concentration and love. And that made me smile.  Along with the snacks, it also had sambhar podi, rasam podi, paruppu podi, mulagai podi, coffee podi and karuvepillai podi – all made by my grandma!!

Every Wednesday, my mom usually does chakrathalwar archanai’s in my name, in the temple. So, this parcel also included ‘prasadhams’ from the temple.  Awww! How sweet of them! I feel I am blessed!  🙂

I have preserved all the covers and plastic bags from the parcel.  I am sure they would help me come over those ‘I miss chennai’ or ‘I miss my home’ sessions.

They make me smile! 🙂

PS: If you are searching for the snacks in the pics ~ I am sorry! Lemon and I have already finished eating half of what was sent! 😛


8 responses to “It made me sMiLe…

  1. How lonely it would be to live without family out of India..

  2. Oh dear! That’s so sweet of them! 🙂

  3. I love those spices and tidbits from home:) We always treasure these here in singapore.

  4. Just say Hello to all, and offcourse especially to the owner of this blog. what can i say that this blog is very vital it is very helpful in my blog too. 🙂

    Thank you add comment in my blog too 🙂

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