Slices of Lemon

It’s been a long time since I wrote a post about Lemon. There was never a post about my driving force, about the man behind my success, about who motivates me or about my inspiration.  However, today I shall start and try to write about all those that were untold in the past.

I have known Lemon for about 2 years now. It began on this very same day two years ago. And now when I look back on our journey, I can honestly say that I have loved it all.

Recently, I was having a conversation with a close friend of mine when it struck me and made me realize how blessed I am to have this guy in my life. He’s the kindest and the most supportive person I have ever met. He’s extremely tolerant of me ~ the drama queen! Looking back and considering all the crushes I used to have in the past, I can honestly say that Lemon is not the ‘ type’ of guy I would have fallen in love with. I used to neither believe in arranged marriage nor love at first sight. When my parents first showed me his picture on this very same day two years ago, I said no and rejected him. Yes, I did REJECT. Come to think of it. What happened after that, who proposed and how we fell in love is a different post altogether.

Coming back, the entrance of Lemon into my life at that time was just so perfect. Our status gradually changed from ‘Just Friends’ to ‘Close Friends’. Then from ‘In a relationship’ to ‘Married for a year now’.

He was (and is) super chwweeet. He does anything to make me feel special. I absolutely adore the way he calls me ‘cutie pie’. And yes, when I have those sudden-love-moments, I call him ‘puurruusshhhaaa’ (meaning ‘dear husband’), with a lotta stress on ‘a’.  😉

I love the way he makes sure that I eat properly. I love the way he takes efforts to talk to my family. I love the way he makes sure that I carry my jacket whenever we go out. I love the way he would button up my winter coat and make me wear my socks & boots before we step out of our house during winter.

When all his other family members talk in Hindi, he speaks and replies in Tamil just for me..! When I am late in submitting my assignments, he would stay awake to help me out. When I am all pissed off and tired of life, he would just take one look at my face, read my mood and try his best to cheer me up with his stupid jokes.

Once, when I got sick after a theme park ride and when I felt dizzy and cranky, he lend me his shoulder to rest on and sat there doing nothing for about  two hours.  I know it for a fact that he truly loves me. If I ever want something, I just need to tell him and that’s it! All will be done.

He calls me 4 to 5 times a day just to hear my voice and make sure I am doing okay. He wouldn’t change his job to a location where I wouldn’t feel comfortable. He wouldn’t move to an apartment where I wouldn’t be able to make some new friends.

But then, there are some days when I really really irritate him with some questions. Those are the days that we fight. Fight a lot. ‘Why did we marry?’, ‘Why is my family away?’, ‘Why do I exist?’. Such mood swings occur once in a while. But by the end of the day, he would make me feel energized and happy. The excitement would return. We would go out to some great place and enjoy like there’s no tomorrow.

And yes, there is more. During all those ‘I miss my mom’ moods, he would hold me close and comfort me. If we are playing any game, I should be the winner  ~ ALWAYS.  If it happens the other way round, I yell. I scream. He apologizes. But nothing would work. I know I act stupid and childish at times. But whatever it is, he just smiles, forgives and loves me always.

Of course all the above is about one side of the slice. There are things he does that are annoying. He stares at his laptop when I am talking. Play games in mobile when I am shopping and confused to buy between this and that.  His interest in sports angers me to no end. He is not a silent person. He is not patient. He yells too much. Phew! There is more…. But, let me stop here. I will save the rest for my next posts.

Lastly, I just hope to read this post with him someday. May be after a few years??? To take note of how we were and to remind us of our love!!??!!

P.S.: I can tell you that when Lemon reads this he is going to be mad at me for writing this post! 😛


22 responses to “Slices of Lemon

  1. Awwwiie girlie..I am crying :’) ..this so lovely..i hope you guys stay together forever and the love never fades away..

  2. cute! thank you.

  3. Cute Post:).. Wish you guys love each other forever:)

  4. Awww.. Thats a very sweet post.
    Wishing you guys stay happy for ever 🙂

  5. Very Nice post. Best wishes to you and Lemon 🙂

  6. I love love stories !! long live both of you!!!
    Any reason why lemon is called so (Do share it if it ain’t too personal )..

    • Thanks a lot, Mustard! Welcome here! 🙂
      And yeah, there is a story behind the names ~’Lemon and Lavender’ and it’s best if it remains unsaid! 😉

  7. I liked your post. It has that feel to it and conveys how much you love Lemon.

  8. Stories like this make me so happy and make me believe in love all over again. Wish u both the best life has to offer. I think reading this years down the life will be a whole new experience in itself.

  9. very cute post neeru…:) it truly reflects ur love & adoration for ur hubby:)

  10. lovely post neeraja…i can see the beautiful side of u day by day…..adore u 4 living ur life this way!god bless the cute family.

  11. Aparna Balaji

    I was really disappointed whn i came to d last line.. I wanted to read more nd more of it.. Day to day happenings portrayed n a very interesting matter.. I really njoyed readin it nd i culd relate most of it wth my lyf.. I hv bcum a big fan of ur posts neeru.. May tis luv, Bonding,Romance,etc.etc.. blossom btwn u both for ever nd ever.. Awaiting a lot more frm u….

    • Thank you so much dear…. Started this blog around 1.5yrs back… I am just loving this experience… writing about all those sad, happy and awesome moments every day ! 🙂

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