The month that was

The recent weeks had been quite stressful for me. It’s mainly because I had been worrying about submitting my assignments on time. I had been worrying about many things happening around. I had been worrying about not spending much time with my family. I had been worrying about not enjoying as much as I can. I had been worrying about not eating properly. I had been worrying about not going to gym. I had been worrying about not getting enough sleep. I had been worrying about my past. I worry about my future. I worry if my dreams will ever come true. Okay! I know!  I am worrying a lot about everything. Sigh!  

The past weekend had been so good and a much needed break. We decided to go to a water park on Saturday. The plan was to leave early in the morning. It was going to be four families. The trip was planned mainly to take a break from the mundane activities and to enjoy! The place seemed perfect. We spent the first half of the day on all rides. It was so much fun, with the neighbor’s kids around. I was surrounded by all good people around me. Friends, their chweet kids and Lemon. I felt bad that the camera was not taken to capture all those moments in the water park. I also managed to earn some wounds. I tripped and fell in the battlefield, or call it the water park!

The past week has been just okay. This time, once again, I tripped and fell in the play area in our apartment! I guess at any given point of time, I would always have around 3 to 4 cuts / wounds on my hands and legs. I keep adding them one after the other! Now, two times in a week is too much to take!

How many of you support plagiarism? I don’t think it is fair to copy lines from somebody else’s post, be it for your own blog or for your Facebook notes / status messages! I agree that sometimes it may happen that two people get the same thought. But copying the exact lines with no link or credit to the original post is unacceptable. You are welcome to do that after giving the source of those lines. This is all I expect. Okay! All I wanted was for that person to know that it is unfair to copy-paste the exact lines from somebody else’s work without any mention about the source.

It was dinner time s’day and I was just pissed off with all that has been happening around me. I sat in my sofa saying to myself for the millionth time, to relax. And then when I paused and looked around me, I saw Lemon and his mom sweating it out in the kitchen, making Carrot Halwa and Pav Bhajji. They were ready to serve me hot and straight from the pan. It made me smile ! It gave me a deep sense of satisfaction, after all ! Don’t ask me why 😛


8 responses to “The month that was

  1. I dont support plagiarism. But if i like a line then i spread it but with due credit to the writer.

    I hope this month has great things in stock for you.

    Worry less, life is to enjoy.

  2. Nice write-up. Lets hope for the best in the coming months.
    I just love this blog, Lavender. 🙂

  3. How can someone steal someone else’s lines and pass it off as their own? This is a shameful act.

    I hope August lessens your worries and brings happiness. 🙂 Thanks for reading my blog. 🙂

  4. Hope things get better soon but why don’t you eat properly?? Common thats important know 🙂 Take care and Hugs …

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