Game night, potluck dinner, and other things

Last weekend, Lemon and I were at our friend’s for a Saturday night get together. It was about 12 of us. We all love playing around. We first had dinner together and then decided to play the famous Indian card game – rummy. Lemon and I were not used to card games as much as the others. So, we lost the first round. During the second, I almost completed making sets. When it was my turn to draw and discard a card, I checked with Lemon to confirm if all the sets I formed were correct. He nodded with a big ‘yes’ and I completed the game only to find out that I was wrong. It seemed that the sets I formed were incorrect. Who should be blamed? Me or him? Of course, Lemon was wrong and I should have known! I fumed. I yelled. All our friends started making fun of us! Sigh!! BIG BIG Sigh!! 

These days many people on seeing how we fight with each other, comment that we behave like kids and not like we are married. What do we do? Just ignore them. As long as we are having fun, who cares?

Two days before this, on Thursday we celebrated our 1.5yr anniversary. Our entire first year, we celebrated every MONTH. Yes! Come to think of it! Now, from the second, we have decided to celebrate every six months!! This time I did not want or expect any BIG gifts or surprises.  He just gave me a nice ring as a present along with a bouquet and a small teddy bear. Pictures, of course.

WOW! I just love this ring! 🙂

I like this better than my Engagement ring! Seriously! 😛


14 responses to “Game night, potluck dinner, and other things

  1. This is so romantic and especially for both of you…
    “We don’t care what people say, we are wearing fun,
    We are happily married, that’s our story everyone.”

  2. a beautiful ring indeed!

  3. This is so cute..lucky u r..well both of u r.. 🙂

  4. Wow that rings looks cool..Yeah as long as you guys are having fun why care about others. Enjoy life 🙂

  5. WOW. WOW. WOW. I love the ring too 🙂

  6. I liked your ““We don’t care what people say” attitude! that’s how exactly it should be!

    Nice post!

  7. hey.. love you guys. my best wishes.
    enjoy 🙂

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