VaRaLaKsHmI nOmBhU

Last Friday, we celebrated Varalakshmi Nombhu and it was again fun knowing the significance of this… :)

I tied the maDiSaaR & did the pooja! ThIs iS tHe first time I have celebrated Nombhu with sooo mUch interest. We had prepared payasam, vadai, kozhakkattai, sundal, saadam, sambhar, rasam, pachadi and curry.

We had many guests this time. I am posting few pictures of our gallatta @home after the pooja….

Cutie-pies and our heroines of the day in paavadai!!

Ishuuuu baby ~ our hero of the day!

It was just sooooo much fun!! 🙂

P.S.: Remember point 1 in this post? And know what? Last week, I passed my DRIVING road test in the first attempt. YAY!! 😛 


6 responses to “VaRaLaKsHmI nOmBhU

  1. Even I attended this puja at my neighbor’s place and food was yummy…So, when are you buying a car???

  2. Yayyyy for passing your driving road test at the first attempt …
    You should have posted a pic of you in madisar….

  3. where’s ur pic…wanna c u in madisar 🙂

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