MaDrAs DaY

I am copy pasting something I wrote a while ago. Today, my city celebrates ‘Madras day‘. sOrgame yeNdralum adHu naMa oRu poLa varUma ? Here’s wishing you all a very happy Madras day! 🙂

mYrIaD mOoDs oF mAdRaS

Posted on June 28, 2010 by Lavender

Morning walks along the beach shores, Idly sambhar breakfast, Movies @ sathyam & Inox, Spencer plaza, City center, Sunday arratai’s with all at home :P , Paattu / Dance classes, Ayodhya mandapam, Sathyanarayana kovil, Parthasarathy kovil, Pillayar kovil at almost all the streets in Chennai, Craft exhibitions, Fruits/ Vegetables/ Flower kadai’s found in almost every other street and Traffic jam (staying in west mambalam we always have a tough time crossing dhoraisamy subway throughtout the year)…

Food at Woodlands, Saravana Bhavan, Sangeetha, Udipi, Bakya Fast Foods, Gangotri chat, Milky Way ice creams, Adyar Grand Sweets, Venkateswara Boli Stall :) and Sri Krishna Sweets…

Travelling by the locals: PTC buses, auto, call taxi and trains. Trips to Mahabalipuram, MGM, VGP, Dhakshina Chitra, Vandalur Zoo & Children’s Park at guindy…

Shopping at RmKV :) , Pothys, Nalli, Kumaran, SKC, Naidu Hall, Rangoli, Lifestyle, Shopper’s Stop, Saravana Stores, Jeyachandran Textiles, platform shops in T Nagar (Pondy bazaar :) ) & Pantheon road, Big Bazaar, our famous Ranganathan Theru

Marghazhi Maadam ~ December Music Season – A cultural extravaganza :) : Concerts and Dance performances at Music Academy, Narada Gana Sabha, Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, Bharat Kalachar,  Kalarasana, Vaani Mahal, Mylapore Fine Arts Academy, etc., hot discussions by all maami’s on ‘which pattu saree should I wear for a concert‘  & ‘canteen facilities‘ in the sabhas ;) , the kolams drawn in front of every house, Andal tiruppavai and tiruvempavai sung in the temples, the ‘Vaikunta Ekadashi‘ celebrations…

And of course tHe Power cuts, Water problem, Bad roads and Cooum River :P This is Madras (Yes, I prefer calling it Madras and not Chennai!) for me and I love it! :)

Now that am away from it, I love it even more. Can’t wait to get back! I miss Madras !


10 responses to “MaDrAs DaY

  1. You left out the Chattering noise of the people almost everywhere From Pondy Baazar to Marina.
    You’ve listed all the aspects of Chennai
    And this is why I luv my Chennai.
    Great to see this post.
    Happy Madras Day 🙂

  2. Madras is the best and most planned city i’ve ever seen in my whole life…
    Love you madras…!
    Misssing you a lot.

    Happy Madrasipatnam a.k.a madras a.k.a Chennai DAY,….!! 😀

  3. Even for me, Madras sounds more cool than chennai.. Nice list there. I can identtify myself with most except for the marghazhi madam..
    So when are you coming here ???

  4. Love u Madras…I just can’t get the same feeling when we say “Chennai”. Madras somehow takes u back in time…there is so much history attached to that name/place…Happy Madras Day Girl…>d<

  5. yeah you’ve listed some of the best aspects of our city! superb! and yeah you’ve left the best street shopping experience that we have here and the festival celebrations here! 🙂

    and yeah “MADRAS” rocks!!!
    and madrasis rock even more 😀

    happy birthday madras! 🙂

    • Thanks CivilPrincess! 🙂 I had written only about those I like the most! 😛 However, like you said there are lots that can be added on to this post !

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