I wish

Hmmm…. I WISH,

~ to go back !
~ to be in Madras with Mom, Dad & Paati !
~ to meet my 4 chweeeet close very-close Friends!
~ to eat Amma’s vethakozhambu & Paati’s masala sambhar, tHe very same dAY!
~ to attend all Nithyasree’s concerts  if at all happening in & around my city now!
~ to start my dance classes again!
~ to roam around with my friends (Especially around WM & SAT-  our favorite hangouts ) !
~ to have the chit-chats I used to have with my close Friends @ tHe street corner
~ to fight with my Paati ! 😛

P.S.: Just another random/rambling/whatever! This post was lying in my drafts for so long…Finally, I decided to publish it today!


16 responses to “I wish

  1. We all miss our country, such a sweet post!

  2. Nice one:).. I second you…

  3. I wish too that you come to madras so that I could meet you 🙂

  4. Nostalgic post, lavender 🙂

  5. Missing your friends, uh?

  6. I like the Vethakozhambu. Good Post. Sridhar

  7. Straight from the heart! Good you published it 🙂

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