One more from my drafts

  • Wake up and run into the shower.
  • Come back and try to wake lemon who is still sleeping.
  • Run into the kitchen and prepare breakfast.
  • And then, hurry to pack lunch for both of us.
  • Get ready and start to work sharp at 8.00.
  • Rush through the traffic and reach office by 9.00 *In theory it should just take 15-20min*
  • Reach back home by 6.30, all tired and exhausted.
  • Try to take some rest. Only to realize that I am already late and should have started cooking dinner earlier. *Awww… I miss my home. How lucky I was until last year to stay with my parents who took care of all my needs and demands! Sigh!*
  • And then, walk into the kitchen only to see a big pile of dishes in the sink. Ask Lemon for help. If he does, then good for him. If not, I get mad and yell at him.
  • Realize that I have got clothes to iron. However, I tend to ignore this fact and sleep.

This is how a typical day in my life looks like.

P.S.: Like I said in my earlier posts, things have been a little crazy around here for sometime now. We also have guests pouring in next week. However, I know it’s high time to get back to regular blogging. So, I am back, everybody!


11 responses to “One more from my drafts

  1. uffff!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ . That was hectic.

  2. Welcome back. Hope things come back to normal soon

  3. Typical busy day…strange how the city colours all lives with such uniformity. The coming back from work to dishes in the sink scene – back in Pune the scene would always remind me of home. How much we do take for granted,

  4. Hi Lavender, I have been a regular reader here. Such a wonderful blog you have got. Waiting for your next post.

  5. Hav u started working da? seems a hectic schedule ….

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