My winter memories

(This post was selected for BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday picks on 22nd Nov ’11)

I remember begging my mom for 5 more minutes please when she comes to wake me up. *I do the same today with Lemon*

I remember trying many perfumes as I believe perfumes smell their best in winters.

I remember my ONLY red color sweater I used to wear during the so called winter in Chennai. *Today, I have dozens of them and I match my sweaters and jackets with the outfits I wear*

I remember my grandma making sure that I eat milagu-rasam/chyawanprash once a week/ once a day, without fail.

I remember walking down with my dad to our most favorite shop in the evenings to get hot-hot-samosas straight from the pan.

I remember my mom forcing me to take hot-oil-bath every weekend. *I took one even today which makes me feel great*

I remember the endless cold, cough and sore throats I used to have. I remember carrying vicks-vaporub with me every day. *I make sure I carry one even today*

I remember Maggie noodles / soups and ginger tea. I believe that they are the best during winters.

I remember curling up with my shawl in the sofa to watch TV in the evenings.

I remember irritating my grandma by pulling off her shawl.

I remember flying from Mumbai to Chennai just to attend December carnatic concerts.

Winter in the US of A is definitely different…

Hmmm, I love the way Lemon makes sure that I button up my long winter jacket. I love the way he makes me wear my socks and boots. I love the way he scolds me for not wearing the scarf / ear muffs.

….However, I cannot stop thinking about all those wonderful memories of my childhood every time I step out in the cold.

P.S: Winter is just settling in and this post lists not even half of my winter memories. May be I will continue adding more to this post every now and then?


5 responses to “My winter memories

  1. My winter memories is curling inside the warmth of my blanket and lying with a book for hrs or sleeping like a lazy bum..Now cant do that anymore..Husband and daughter does the same..

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  3. Home made ladoos, which I so hated but my mom forced me to eat, that is my winter memory 😛 Lovely post! Congrats on the feature 🙂

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