Slices of Lemon – 2

This post is just another random rambling about my dear Lemon! 😛

~He is uninterested in changing his stupid hair style. How much ever I try to change him on this, he doesn’t listen. I even told my MIL about this and she just laughed.

~He is kind enough to help me wash dishes every day. Every single day. He also  helps me arrange the dishes in the dishwasher to clean them. 

~He organizes his letters/pay slips and other bank documents in a proper manner. However, he will never help me organize his clothes in the closet.

~He will spend hours watching movies on his laptop. He will not attend a Carnatic concert with me.

~He can eat anything. He never demands he wants this or that. He is even happy to just have curd rice.

~He just got two parking tickets.

~He loves rasam. It’s joy to watch him drink every drop of it with a smile.

~He never cleans his ear. At times, when I see dirt, I shout and ask him to clean them immediately. He says sorry and lets go. I really get mad at this and I don’t know what to do.

~He just needs 5-10 minutes to get ready. And know what. He always makes sure that I get ready first. Only after I get ready and just have to wear my slippers, he gets up to get ready. Sigh!

~Even today, he remains shirtless at home. As soon as he steps home, the ‘Tee’ is removed. I hate him for that.  Isn’t it nice to wear your shirts even at home?

~If someone slows their car when we are trying to cross the road, he raises his hand to say thank you. Every single time.

P.S.: Ok. Done. I think its enough for the day. I also know that Lemon is gonna get mad at me after reading this post! Anyways, I am gonna post this! You all have a nice weekend! 😛


4 responses to “Slices of Lemon – 2

  1. Wow. Yet another post about Lemon? Whatever lavender, Lemon is such a lovely boy.

  2. I have been reading your blog for a while now. One thing I got to say is that you guys are making me feel jealous. God bless you both!!!!!!!!

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