2 years!

 Date: Feb 4, 2012

Dear Lemon,

We turn two years old together today. A couple of years ago, this day, our relationship was made legal and it gave us to right to stay with each other for the rest of our lives. Time flies so fast na? I still remember writing this post after six months of our marriage life. And now, it is 2 years already. Okay. Let me just go ahead and wish you first. Happy Anniversary! 🙂

Last year was so exhausting and filled with so many responsibilities. It was that time of our life when people whomever we met/pinged/called always asked us the one and only famous question: “hOw’s marrIed liFe?” We also had so many decisions to make last year and everything had always been a chaos. We took pain in deciding very SIMPLE things that range from “what to eat for lunch” to “which iron-box should we buy”. I don’t know about other couples but there was always a mess in deciding ~ the menu each day, whO cleans the dishes, whO washes clothes and whO throws the trash. Other things like WHETHER we must go to the mall for shopping or sit at home and watch a movie this evening, WHETHER we need to have dinner at home or go to an Indian restaurant..!!??!! Believe me! Taking simple decisions like these have always been really really tough for us. However, we have enjoyed every moment of these chaos.

You also know how some people were surprised and envious after reading few of my blog posts? Remember this post – Why we married? 😛 Ah! I believe it to be the best post in my blog till today!! Then, this one where I wrote about all things that I like the mOsT in you. But yeah, of course, you have your faults too. Some of your traits annoy me the most! You stare at your laptop when I am talking. Play games in your mobile when I am shopping and when I am confused to buy between this and that.  Your interest in sports angers me to no end. You are not a silent person. You are not patient. You also yell too much. <<Remember who visited us last year when we once fought sometime in March? 😛 >> These are some traits in you that make me fume.

Overall, we have had a fun filled year. We have been lazy, crazy, messy and stupid at times. We have traveled a lot. We have learned so many things. And now, its time for us to grow up and learn to take more responsibilities in the coming year. We have some tough decisions to make sometime soon. I know we stand confused when it comes to choices. But know what? All our choices have made us successful always.

The journey has been so much fun so far. You are the kindest and the most supportive person I have ever met. You are extremely tolerant of me ~ the drama queen! I absolutely adore the way you call me ‘cutie pie’. You have taught me to live life my own way. And, I love you for that. I am thankful to have met you. I am thankful to have you and I am thankful for all the happiness and the security. So, today is celebrated. With presents, good food and a good movie in New York.  Lastly, I just hope to read this letter with you someday, may be after many years? To take note of how we were and to remind us of our love!!??!!


10 responses to “2 years!

  1. Thank you Cutie Pie!! and Wish you a Happy Anniversary as well… our journey together has been awesome so far and hope to continue this for many more years to come 🙂 😉

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!

  3. hey!! such a nice post after a long time 🙂 belated Happy Anniversary to you both 🙂

  4. Congrats guys Wish you many more happy years together

  5. Sweetness! All the best guys… have a great life together. 😀

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