I still adore NYC. I feel the same every time I go there. The charm, the crowd, the madness, the rush reminds me of my Mumbai days!

My parents visa got approved. Yes! Finally its gonna happen. They will be here in 3 months. Yay!!

Answering to stupid vendor questions on phone continues to irritate me even today.

Sometimes miracles do happen. After a very long time Lemon made his yummy yummy Pav Bhaji for me yesterday.

We moved to a new apartment a couple of weeks back and I am still getting used to this new place.

I have been experiencing back pains for nearly a year now. Lemon’s massage and moov have come to my rescue so far.

Exams are just around the corner and here I am sitting with my laptop and staring at the huge pile of papers and textbooks. I read the printed text mechanically while my brain goes on short mental trips to visit places I long to go.

Few people asked me if I call Lemon, ‘Lemon’ in person. He he !! Believe me! I use worse names in person 😛 Why would I call him Lemon? That was just for my bLoG!

Ice cream fruit bars are damn so addictive.

I can’t just wait for Friday to come again! It’s just Tuesday today! YaaawwwN 😦


6 responses to “Randomness

  1. hehe cute post !
    straight drive from heart 😀

  2. Aww!! Absolute randomness. Loved it..

  3. I loved how you captured the train of thought on paper, err blog. 😀

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