Yeah, right! Yet another random post

To the lady that I love,

I have said some of the rudest things to you often. I have also told many times that I won’t become like you in so many things. However, now as life goes on, I realize that I am more like you in so many ways. Yes! I thank you for everything and you mean so much to me. I know you are busy now shopping all that I want / asked for. I can’t wait to see you soon.


To the lady that I hate,

You still act so well. How do you manage to act so differently in front of different people? What do you really want? Why do you do this? You stand confused in front of others and you want others to pity you. I want you to understand that each person is different. You cannot expect everyone to be the same. Whatever you do or tell hurts me and I really really will hate you for that. Now and forever!!


To the man at the Indian restaurant,

I ordered dal makhni and you yourself told me that it wouldn’t taste good and the best dish served in your restaurant is chole. But what on earth do you think you server in the name of chole? Yuck!! I can make better chole than you. You fool people around here and make them believe what you serve is authentic Indian cuisine? Believe me, you will not last long!! :X


To the man that I hate,

You still try to make people believe that you are the best. But you very well know that you are not. I really don’t like you but it’s time for me to thank you for what you had done. I always wanted it to end too soon but never thought that it would end too smooth. Thank you and Adieus.


To the ladies who are my friends,

Thank you for the surprise birthday cake and the wonderful birthday gift. I really really loved it.


To the dreamer in me,

Nothing has changed in you. You still are one of the craziest people. “Your interests always varied from marrying a prince to becoming an aeronautical engineer!!”

And, yes! okay! Only few more hours to go. After tomorrow, the 4th of april, you wouldn’t be able to say that again. So, yes, you can very well take this opportunity to repeat it as many times as you want. “I am 25. I am 25. I am 25!!!!” From tomorrow if somebody asks your age, you need to answer 26.

Oops! Really? 26?? Doesn’t that sound too old? How did you even get here?!!? I mean, aren’t 26-year-olds considered matured adults? How did you manage to get here without even reaching that state of maturity? You are not a kid anymore, uh? You need to remind yourself that you are an adult!! Okay. Never mind. Whatever!!

– The puzzled Lavender!


8 responses to “Yeah, right! Yet another random post

  1. When 27 comes in ,26 would be a sweet memory . Enjoy when it’s around 🙂

  2. Happy happy, happy birthday Lavender! May all your wishes come true. 🙂
    Expecting your b’day post soon:P

  3. Ha ha ha… a perfect ’26’ post. Good luck with being 26! 😀
    Strange chole man that! Personally, I would prefer dal makhani any day. 😀

  4. Aww. Yet another randomness!!!!!

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