tHurSdaY cHaLLenGe ~ Theme: HANDS

Here’s the pic for this weeks thursday challenge: “HANDS” (Sign Language, Finger Nails, Hand Decorations, Rings, Gloves, Holding,…)

tHe mEheNdI!

WOW! I just love this ring of mine! 🙂


13 responses to “tHurSdaY cHaLLenGe ~ Theme: HANDS

  1. Geez, I first thought the hands were full of blood, lol ! I prefer the ring !

  2. Indeed a very pretty ring! I love the design. 😀

  3. The ring looks fantastic. Wish the mehandi was more in focus. But I guess it suits the theme.

  4. I love the mehendiwale haath. The colours and the sentiments are unmatchable.

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