tHurSdaY cHaLLenGe ~ Theme: SPRING

I am copy pasting something I wrote last year, for this weeks thursday challenge: “SPRING” (Rain, Puddles, Boots, Umbrellas, Sunny Days, Leaves in Trees,…).

May 2, 2011


…looks to be right around the corner here and my city decided to welcome the weekend by looking her best! At least our area seems to bloom with flowers.  We are just looking forward to get out and celebrate the warmer days!!

Here are a few pics from our visit to the Boston Public Garden!


16 responses to “tHurSdaY cHaLLenGe ~ Theme: SPRING

  1. Beautiful bloom of flowers! Going through this post was a delight ! 🙂

  2. gorgeous captures!!

  3. Perfectly gorgeous flowers! The colours are deep, bright and lively. They bring spring to me all the way from your post. 🙂

  4. Lovely…

  5. Wonderful spring pictures ! Unfortunately we are a little late here in Belgium it’s still too cold and sometimes there is even frost.

  6. Beautiful pictures. Spring blossom is just lovely.

  7. That’s brilliant

  8. Aparna Balaji

    very picturesque. colours r lively nd plesant… beautifully captured moments

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