From the past

~The green school uniform. Brown sandals. My red colored bag.  Matching kerchief and lunch towels. I loved them all.

~The face of that lady. The one who was my favorite teacher at pre-primary school. On my birthday, I see myself sitting by the window, anxiously awaiting her arrival.

~Watching horror movies with cousins during summer vacations. I hear myself scream.

~I see myself playing board games with my close friends. I loose. I cry. And, I throw the entire game board, cards and coins out of the window.

~My father patting me soothingly on my back to make me sleep. “I love you, darling”, I can hear his voice.

~I see myself in the kitchen trying to prepare coffee for the guests. I add oil  instead of coffee decoction in the milk. The sound of my grandmother’s voice in the background. It took me few minutes to realize the mistake. What did she say? I am trying hard to remember but it doesn’t come to me.

~The big gulmohar tree at school.  The colorful flowers. I see myself entering the school van, sitting in a window seat, plucking those flowers and saving them at page number 50 of my Maths textbook.

~I remember jumping at my home. On the second floor. The tenants who lived downstairs were disturbed and they complained. I hear myself requesting my parents to change the house.

~The voice of my mother begging me to eat my breakfast soon, or else I will be late for school. I see my school van waiting to pick me up in front of my house. I remember my van driver shouting my name, a zillion times, in the street. Me wondering why he has to shout my name instead of just blowing the van horn.

Today, I remember these from the past. These memories are so strong and they contain graphical details. They connect my present self to my past as a child. Each time I think of them, I smile!


5 responses to “From the past

  1. Wonderful memories indeed, Lavender. 🙂 It is awesome how the brain stocks our much loved moments only to be relived in later years and smiled at.

  2. Brilliant stuff!

  3. Good post, Lavender. Childhood memories are always sweet. 🙂

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