They will be here soon

Yay!! They just booked their tickets. Mom and Dad will be here soon!! Wow! After 2.4 long years, we are gonna stay together again!! I am sooo happy! 🙂 I need to plan a million things and I’m excited to do this for them. However, at the same time, I worry a lot about other things too. Yes! You read it right. I worry and I am concerned about a few things already.

The Brahmin-aacharams! I still need some help in understanding what “patthu”, “madi” and “theetu” means? I believe there is seriously some kind of concept behind this, like I must not keep cooked rice and chapathi together and I am not supposed to touch the food plate and curd with the same hand etc-etc. There are some thousand rules here and there. I am not sure how mummy has been following all this till date??!!?? I am clueless and confused to keep track of this whole damn thing!I don’t follow much of this and I am sure they are going to be mad at me.

Ah! Mom and Dad wake up by 5.30 – 6 in the mornings!!!! And what do Lemon and I do here? We sleep till 8 even during weekdays. Yes! Believe me! It’s only at 8 that our alarm rings and he rushes to office by 9. Don’t ask me about weekends. That’s for another post altogether. And oh! To get my things done, I order Lemon and I also yell at him at times. For example, it’s like “Can you cut this vegetable for me?” which he knows actually translates to “Do this right now!!” If he doesn’t, he knows he will have to face the consequences. The very thought of this brings him to the kitchen to help me around just in time.

I even need to watch my words while talking to him. Especially in front of dad. I can neither say “poda” or call him by the so-called-funny-names we had been calling each other till date. And oh! I am also that evil wife who cooks only once a day. Mostly dinner. And, we eat the same for lunch the next day. Well, daddy already calls me irresponsible for this. Back at home, mom never used to do something like this. I got to eat everything fresh – day and night. But what am I going to do now? I am just going to ask mom to handle the kitchen herself and that way we would at least get to eat something fresh every day. This is one thing I generally like about parents staying with us. Most of the times they not only cook but take care of everything!

And awwww! I almost every day skip breakfast which I am sure they are going to be more concerned about. They are going to go crazy at me when they see how silly, stupid and irresponsible I am. Gawd!! Please save me. I don’t want my parents to pass out in shock seeing all this.

And, Know what? I told Lemon about all this and I can already imagine that naughty boy enjoying while my parents complain about all the unorthodox-things I do. HUH !!! I know! I can no longer yell at him. At least in front of them.  I also know that they love him to bits. They seem to question a lot about what to bring for him from India more than what I need/asked for. Oh well! Should I be happy that they  love him ?? I don’t know! I am immature and jealous. Jealous at him when he gets such treatment from them!!! Shouldn’t all their love be only for me-their-only-daughter? Sigh! 😛

Anyways, this year is very special and I see happy times ahead.

P.S.: It has been a while since I wrote this post. I am dropping by and posting it only today.


6 responses to “They will be here soon

  1. Keep the good times rolling, Lavender! Sounds like you are in for some super fun. 🙂

  2. I am sure there are already with you and you are having a blast. Enjoy maadi 🙂

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