A letter to my baby boy

My chweeetest little baby Lime,

Woo-hoo!! This is my very FIRST letter to you…! I have not been updating this blog for a very very long time. I wanted to write a number of posts about your grandparents trip, about your dad and about our family. But, instead I thought this one would be worth writing than the rest. I wanted to jot down everything before time flies.

I already miss your NEWBORN days Lime. Those tiny tiny onesies no longer fits you. You don’t seem to like swaddling any more. For the first time in life, I am looking back at the past so very often…. You are growing too quickly and changing. Awwwww! Well, people did warn me….. but, who knew?

Hmmm…this letter is for you to see the role your ‘S’ thatha (ST) and ‘J’ paati (JP) played in the first three crucial months of your life. How they were your entertainers and you were their…… hmmm…well, EVERYTHING! Okay! I want you to know this first. No matter how often I asked them to ‘simply visit your daughter’ worked on them. ST and JP wanted you so badly and they used to emotionally blackmail me with “We need a grandchild, or else we will never visit you in your kugramam-in-the-northeast-of-the-US of A!” 

The day I announced that you were in my tummy, they started shopping and packed their bags! You won’t believe me if I say, they wanted to come see me when you were just 2 months in my tummy…they were so excited…they wanted to see you grow inside as well. ST took the flight first and landed here weeks before your expected arrival. JP was here just at the right time. When you rushed and arrived 3 weeks before the due date. I panicked. But JP was super happy to have you earlier than expected. In spite of all her tiredness, jet lag and everything…the way she held you and silently looked at you with sweets in her hands in the hospital cannot be described in words. But hey! I am her only daughter and I am supposed to be her favorite, right? No way…!! From that moment on, YOU, my dear Lime, were her world!!!

One thing both ST and JP cared about was yOu! They made sure that you were well fed and happy. Ah! Know what? They wouldn’t eat if you cried! They wouldn’t sleep if you cried! JP worked too hard for both of us that she lost track of her own health. She would wake up EARLY in the morning and cook. She would pack FRESH food for lunch for your dad everyday! (When was the last time did I wake up early to prepare lunch for your dad? Oops! Wait! I need to think!!) While she cooked all yummy food for us…I must also tell you about that yucky thing which she used to give me early in the morning… and those special things that she made me eat – all for your sake. Both of us must thank JP for our-super good health today!

Whenever you were fussy… JP would lay you in her lap and start consoling you. ST would stand beside her to sing, dance and entertain you! You did something new everyday! And one day, when you flashed one precious smile at them they were overjoyed. From then on, with all greed on earth, both ST and JP would wait near you everyday. And when you did smile at them, they would make a biG deal about it. They would even call AP or your aunts in India and talk about it…. There were even times when you threw your smiles ONLY at them…. Awww! Such is love! 🙂

This was your ST and JP’s first visit to a foreign-land! And, know what? We all had only 2 long trips together. Once when we were on a road trip and you cried non-stop, we had to pull over. It seemed like I had to change your diaper. But, ST and JP did not want to make any other trip just because you were uncomfortable. They wanted their Lime to be very happy and hence they did not want to go anywhere and see anything! It was me who used to force them to visit places!

That freaky day when JP lost all her balance and collapsed. Both ST and I had to hold her and act brave. ST had to make her realize that it’s a wake-up call and that she has to rest and eat well. Well, we then decided one day that its best for her to leave early to India and take care of herself.

These days guess who they want to talk to first? You, of course 😛 Only after listening to your baby sounds… all those ‘oohs’, ‘aahs’, ‘eees’… they are happy! They are so excited about every little thing you do. Now, even in hospital, all she keeps thinking is about you.

“Does he miss us?” they ask. Awww! I miss them here so dearly!

Will you miss JP’s stories?
Will you miss ST’s stroller-walk?

So, are you missing them Lime? I know, I sure will!

Finally, I just want to let you know that being your mom is the best feeling I have ever had. Love you Lime! 🙂

P.S.: Where was your ‘A’ paati (AP) (my grand mother) and ‘R’ paati (RP) (Lemon’s mom) all this while? In Chennai and Delhi. AP was watching those few pictures I sent her non-stop-on-loop!! And, both AP & RP spent most of their time advising all of us to take good care of you. RP is coming here 2mr! She is all excited to see and be with you. I am sure she is going to take good care of you. More about the fun you are going to have with RP in my next letter.

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  1. This is the best lavender Its a wonder tribute for all the love they showered on baby lime.

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