What I have been upto

I have been away from my blog for a very very long time. Haven’t I? I came here a lot of times to write a new post and that’s when baby Lime would start crying. So, yes! Other things took priority every single time. Anyways, finally here I am… and here is my first post in 2013! Motherhood has definitely changed me a lot and I believe it has changed me for better. Things that were of interest before baby Lime no longer seem important. I am far better at multitasking now. Sleepless nights with baby Lime, the household chores and MBA assignments are keeping me too busy. At times, I feel so exhausted and need a break. However, the thought that I am going to India soon this year makes me happy. Yes! I am looking forward to our summer vacation!

Ok. My new pastime has been crocheting. This is my first crochet project and that isn’t just single crochet! I did have some problem understanding the patterns, but got some real great help from my MIL. Thanks to her!

Crochet 1

A crochet Key holder!

Crochet 2

My first Crocheted Scarf

Oh, and I am not leaving without some updates about baby Lime for you…….

– So, yes! Lemon’s mom (RP) is in town now and Lime quickly got along with her. He giggles at all the funny faces and tones she makes for him and enjoys a lot with her.

– He is 6 months old now. Aww! I see him growing so fast.

– His tiny little fingers that could hardly coordinate and reach a toy can now grab and pull everything in the vicinity. Especially my hair when I kiss him like thousand times a day!

– He throws his arm up and down for no reason.

– He’s a champ at rolling! We prop him to sit up and help support him… and he is getting stronger but not quite there yet.

– He squeals, laughs, babbles – all in high pitch! Lemon and I cannot stop laughing at all the funny sounds he makes. We quickly grab the camera and that’s when he stops and gives us a questioning look!

– Outside world is of so much interest to him. He turns left to see what sound, turns right to look what shape, turns here to look what color, turns there to see who is calling… Ah! Busy guy, you know!

– He loves grabbing his feet and taking them to his mouth.

– He baby talks back at us and makes us all laugh.


This is the questioning look I was talking about! 😛

Love you loads my dear little boy. You make our little world complete and I could not have asked for more! 🙂


6 responses to “What I have been upto

  1. Happy New Year Lavender and to Lemon and Lime as well 🙂 Here’s wishing you a great year of fulfilling all that your heart desires.

    PS: That red scarf looks amazing 🙂

  2. Lime steals my heart. Glad you are back. Now don’t disappear again. Stay okay 🙂

  3. 🙂 this one made me smile. The questioning look is so funny, .
    And I loved the red scarf, I have been trying my hands at crochet too but unable to find thick wooden needles here in India.

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