And it was a happy birthday

***************************March 15th 1 PM*****************************

Friday’s are always busy! Last Friday, I had to go to the mall before Lemon came back home from office. Why go to mall you ask? For getting him a birthday present. Yes! It was his birthday on the 17th of March. This year was all different with little Lime at home. So, yes! I planned to go out at around 1 in the afternoon. I was all ready. I took the stroller out, and I heard Lime. Crying loudly. Very loud that he refused to calm down. He was so fussy that I couldn’t start. After a big fuss, he slept. One hour passed by. Then around 2’o clk, Lime woke up. I was all ready to start again. But could not. This time he cried for food. And then later for diaper. Ufff! Finally, after all this diaper-and-dress-change-thing, we left home at 3. When we settled in the car, I feared. I never understood this driving-with-an-infant-alone-in-the-car-funda so much. Was it because I was too scared of driving alone with a baby in car? Or driving in general? No! It’s most definitely riding with Lime. Alone. It used to be like he’d cry on all our car rides. Any time we stop at a red light, he’ll scream. He hates to sit in his car seat when it’s not moving. And when we are stuck in traffic… imagine how that would be.

I somehow escaped all the red lights and reached the mall. When I found a parking spot and stopped. He yelled. And this time it was for sleep again. I had to make him sleep before entering the mall. Finally, after putting him to sleep on his stroller, I quickly grabbed a wallet and a shirt for Lemon and reached home before it’s too late.

***************************March 16th 11.58 PM*************************

There he was in the bed. All cuddled up with his laptop on his tummy. There I was lurking at him and planning few last minute surprises. Being able to surprise your husband with an 8 month old baby at home is a challenge, you see?

We did some celebrating…and I have lots of pictures…but for now, here are a few…


the birthday boy….


Lemon is the best person I know, He is the best husband I know. He is the best daddy I know. He is the best non-famous singer and the best non-famous dancer I know. I could go on and on about him… But, I don’t want to make this post sappy… so, I’ll just post a few photos of him since they say pictures speak more than words.

In crane beach #oneofmyfavorites


In Hawaii


I had to post this pic… It made me laugh when it popped up…This was taken in Chicago…


P.S.: Lemon, always remember you are so lucky to have me as your wife! 😛 😛 😛 And, haven’t you decided yet what to get me for my birthday?


4 responses to “And it was a happy birthday

  1. Belated birthday wishes to lemon. And when is your birthday?

  2. yes i can understand how difficult it is to plan a surprise with a baby around.. :).. happy b’day to lemon…

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