And it was an awesome trip

Canadian Rockies were superb. We had an awesome trip. To record our little vacation, I am going to post all about the trip here.

Lemon & I felt that we haven’t had a perfect holiday in years. Our India trip this year was fantastic but toooo tiring! So, yes! A few weeks ago, we decided to go to Canada. And hey! That makes two international holidays this year! Yay!!

Our first choice was to go somewhere in Canada within driving distance from our place. But then, one of my close friend lives in Calgary and we decided to fly to Alberta. Yes, the trip happened that quick. We had our flight at 5.30 AM. Till 9 PM, the previous night, we were doing laundry. At 9.30 we had our dinner. At 10 PM we were at a store buying stuff for Lime. We started packing at 12 AM. I was on the verge of hitting Lemon when he told me at 3 AM that he had forgotten his shoes, which he needed for all the trekking we were going to do, in his office. So, we had to go to his office first pick up his shoes and then rush to the airport. Phew! I guess I have to very much accept the fact that we do every possible thing in the last minute.

Calgary was a lively place with an impressive skyline. We roamed downtown Calgary and visited Calgary tower the first day.


Peace Bridge at Prince’s Island Park, Calgary!

My cuddling moment with Lime

My cuddling moment with Lime


Calgary Tower

Lime exploring the tower ;)

Lime exploring the tower ๐Ÿ˜‰

Next morning, we headed out at 6 AM to Banff National Park. The drive to Banff from Calgary was soo nice. We raced under the open blue sky, surrounded by mountains. The Canadian rockies, the lakes, the tress, the snow, it was all serene. We were surrounded by gorgeousness all along. This is by far, one of the most beautiful places I saw. We spent a lot of time in the beautiful lakes and parks.

@Johnston Canyon!

@Johnston Canyon!

@Johnston Canyon!

On our way to Lower Falls

My favorite location was lake louise. It was so pretty and we walked down to the lake. The water color was superb and it was raining. Aww! What an amazing moment it was!

Lake Louise

Lake Louise

Look at the color of water. Aww! I love glacier lakes!

I love glacier lakes! Look at the color of water.ย 

Moraine lake ~ another awesome place

Moraine lake ~ another awesome place

Athabasca falls

Athabasca falls

Next day, we had such a lovely, lovely time in Jasper. It is a beautiful town, and very bike friendly. Every couple of kilometers along the way, we would find a pretty stop to take a photo. The town was situated high enough with the spectacular canadian-rockie backdrop. Imagine huge rocks, cloudy skies and glacier lakes. It was beautiful. We drove around the national park, took pictures, slept well and had a fantastic time. I came back with memories of unique places on my mind and beautiful lakes in my eyes.

Medicine Lake

Lime & Lemon in Medicine Lake

Canadian rockies

Canadian Rockies

My favorite one

Lemon played good as the best husband. We never fought during the entire trip. Wow! Why am I not able to believe it? Okay! Anyways, I did not have any plans to shop during this trip. Despite that, we did buy some magnets from all the places we visited and a top for me from west edmonton mall. On the whole, we had the time of our lives. Period.ย 

P.S.: This is my 150th post!


8 responses to “And it was an awesome trip

  1. beautiful place and beautiful post

  2. That picture of lime exploring the tower is just awwwww. Sounds like an awesome vacation ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. the places are so artistic na.. just like paintings.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. i went there end of august. these amazing pictures brought back memories. love the canadian rockies! hopefully i will go back someday to whatever we didn’t get to see this time around ๐Ÿ™‚

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